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Privacy Policy

Pursuant to Section 13 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Personal Data Protection Code)

This policy aims to clarify provisions set out under the Personal Data Protection Code above, with particular reference to rights held by interested parties and the safeguarding thereof. Users of the www.hotelsanmarco.com website and of any other web address thereto linked are advised of the following

1) Personal data and information provided voluntarily through filling in online forms hosted on and by the abovementioned webpages may be retained, by way of files saved, temporarily or permanently, to the user's hard-drive (cd. Cookies) and through using, activating or downloading other software components (e.g. ActiveX components) while browsing. Data thus collected shall be used to compile

  • cost estimates and bids
  • website attendance statistics, as well as to
  • improve, enhance or personalise customer/user service

Collected data may be saved and stored electronically or on paper and shall be processed according to provisions set forth under privacy protection laws.
Our webpages may host links to third-party websites - not designed by us, e.g. search engines or suppliers of such solutions – so as to supply further information and improve browsing. Privacy policies on third-party websites exceed our control and protection provisions set out herein do not apply. Our company therefore declines any responsibility whatsoever for personal data and/or information thereby retained and collected.

2) Providing personal data and information is optional and voluntary. Refusing to provide personal data or information, blocking cookies or other software components may prevent us from supplying any required information and/or the website from functioning correctly.

3) Collected data and information shall only be processed by especially-appointed company personnel and shall not be transferred or disclosed to other parties. Personal data and information may be used in the investigation of responsibilities in case of computer-related offences against this website or third parties. Except for the latter case, data obtained through web-based contacts shall neither be saved nor stored permanently.

4) Data controller: HOTEL EXCELSIOR SAN MARCO SRL – Piazza Repubblica, 6 - 24122 Bergamo. In order for website users to exercise their rights, as set forth under Section 7 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 - including the right to request the deletion of personal data and information be deleted from this company's data-base - same should contact Mr. Beniamino Tomasoni at the following telephone number: 035 366111, fax number: 035 223201 or email address: info@hotelsanmarco.com.

Section 7 - Accessing personal data and other rights
1. Interested parties are rightfully entitled to receive confirmation of the existence of any personal data or information on or concerning them, including as yet un-recorded data and information. Interested parties also hold the right to receive clear and intelligible notification thereof and thereon.
2. Interested parties are rightfully entitled to be notified of:
a) the source of any existing personal data and information;
b) processing purposes and methods;
c) governing IT logics in case of electronic processing of personal data;
d) name and details of the data controller, their designated representative and/or data processors appointed under para 2, section 5;
e) persons or categories thereof to whom personal data and information may be disclosed or who may become privy thereto in their capacity as designated representative(s) on the State’s territory, data processors or person(s) in charge of processing.
3. Interested parties are rightfully entitled to receive and obtain
a) up-dates, amendments and, whenever relevant, integrations made to personal data;
b) the deletion, anonymisation or blocking of any unlawfully processed data, including data and information that does not need to be saved owing to the nature of the data collection and processing purposes;
c) evidence of the fact that operations under a) and b) above, including the content thereof, have been duly notified to parties to whom data and information have been transferred or disclosed, except where not achievable or requiring measures that clearly exceed to the protected right.
4. Interested parties are lawfully entitled to, fully or partly, counter and oppose the processing of personal data
a) for any rightful and legitimate reasons whatsoever, notwithstanding their being in keeping with data collection purposes;
b) aimed at the forwarding of advertising material, direct sales, marketing research or dissemination.

Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

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