The Lakes and the Rivers

In the provincial territory of Bergamo there are two main lakes.

The Lake of Iseo whose waters are divided between the province of Brescia, crossed by the Oglio River. Out in the lake rises Monte Isola, the second largest lake island of Europe. The destination of tourists from everywhere, the Lake of Iseo is able to offer unique landscapes immersed in green nature, ideal places for practicing sports in the open air and for tasting the typical products of the culinary tradition of Bergamo.

The Lake of Endine, in the heart of the Val Cavallina, formed by the Cherio River that descends the valley, a suggestive “postcard” landscape, with the mountains reflected in the crystalline waters. The small riverside villages are sprinkled with little churches rich in works of art and numerous medieval castles.

The province of Bergamo is bordered by two of the most important affluents of the Pò River: the Adda River to the west beyond which begins the province of Milan, and the Oglio River to the east, bordering Brescia.

Affluents of the Adda River are the Brembo and the Serio, rivers that give the names respectively to the Brembana and the Seriana Valleys.